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Getting ready ... and ironing can be fun!!!

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Been a little bit longer than I had hoped since I last posted but the Makery has been a hive of activity getting ready for my first show at Wonderwool 2019

There is a lot more too it than first meets the eye lol.

Last month also saw the launch of 2 new products 

The MagMe 

This litte thing has been in the works for months with several redesigns to come up with a very flexible solutions for turning your creations (not just felted one!) into fridge magnets or wearables.. I really am quite pleased with this one! :D 

You can find the video of it here ... 

Also the pointy feathers set was launch with a beautiful blended wool kit in brown or grey. 

.. and with this kit came a little trick that has practically changed my felting ...


This is something that is spilling over into my flowers also as Ironing the feathers & petals helps make them SUPER thin and delicate. The feathers video has a demonstration of this so do check it out... and please subscribe to the YouTube Channel :)  (Timestamp 29:23 is where the ironing part starts)

I plan to bring out more feather sets throughout this year including Rounded Feathers, Fancy Feathers & Quill Feathers so watch this space :) 

These feathers are so lovely I decided to make them one of my Make & Takes for Wonderwool .. I am hoping to host 3 make & takes a day at the stall... first up is glitz & bling feather accents... followed by a scrummy cupcake fridge magnet make and the third is still to be confirmed but I am thinking maybe a bookmark :) 

There are a few new projects in the works which I am working on .. I am not going to say too much .. just that I am OMG excited about some of the up and coming launches ... as always follow Mum's Makery on your favourite social media for announcements!! 

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