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Going back to moving forward

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It has been a little bit longer than I would have liked since my last post but things were afoot in the Makery that got me a little distracted :) 

As many of you know the Sunflower has been on the cards for a little while featuring in some images from quite a few months back it was all on track to be launched early May ... then something happened .. and by something .. I mean ... me! lol

The original design was based on a "fake" nod to a sunflower that I had in my kitchen arrangement. As other flowers have been rolling out the Sunflower started to itch at the back of my head .. it was nice and all .. but it wasn't really real looking .. more of a loose interpretation. 

I was all set up and getting ready to film the tutorial later that week when I was sat in the kitchen with my best friend (and felting machine) Belinda when she just looked at me and went .. oh no lol I know that look.

Cut forward a couple of weeks and the whole thing has been redesigned ... reworked and remade... So I am now a much happier bunny with the way the sunflower looks and Belinda I think wants to kill me .. so if this should be my last post I leave this world knowing the sunflower is awesome HAHA! 

Also a very happy accident has brought to light that a wonderful oriental looking flower can also be made from the sunflower template set. 

So without further ado .. I present .. the new (and much improved) sunflower template set & Materials kit

Needle Felted Sunflower with wool batts in the background


While making the Sunflower a "Happy Accident" occurred when by chance I realised not 1 but 2 additional flowers could be made from the set. 

So today I am releasing the Fantasy Flower bonus tutorial over on the channel.



I love finding new ways to use existing template sets and bring you even more projects :) 


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