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The Fern ... Instructions and Musings

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There is now a quick "How to fill the Fern" video available on my YouTube Channel... Please do subscribe to my channel :) 

As many of you may know I recently launched "The Fern" ... I must confess I was so taken back by the wonderful response that it got. I put it out on a pre-order so I could start rolling them out in order of sales placed. I do like this method as it means no one misses out on a short listing of only a few units.... plus I am British so I like to form an orderly queue :)

The kit comes in three gorgeous colours ...

Leaf Green ~ Bright and reminds me of spring (as featured in the picture) 
Autumn Green ~ a beautiful autumnal colour deep and rich
Willow ~ a soft muted green, delicate and subtle

... honestly I can not decide which is my favourite!

Anyways ... On to the reason you are probably here... Instructions :)

The first thing to notice about your template is the small hole in the bottom edge ... This is deliberate and has a very specific purpose...

It will allow you to wire your leaf as you felt, rather than try and push a wire in at the end.

For now I will try and describe the process as best I can in text and there will be a video tutorial coming over on my channel as soon as I can make it :) so do subscribe over there so you don't miss out :)

Here is a list of the weights we used when making each part of the fern... and for those of you who are interested here is the link to the small weight scales I use.

Small Weight Scales Click Here

... When we first this this I didn't have a hole in the bottom of my template so I wired it manually after this picture was taken ... so the pieces you see above are not wired... and it was such a pain to do that it forced me to reconsider the viability of the template ... and then ... came the hole ...

To easily wire your leaves .. you put down a small base layer in the section of template you are using then lay in the wire as far in as you want it .. 

If you purchased the kit you will have 1 x 18 gauge wire which I use as the centre support and put the small 3 point section on the top of that.. the rest of the leaves are wired with 22 gauge and you have enough wires in there to wire them up (1 wire will do 2 leaves).

I dot a tiny bit of superglue gel on a couple of points on the wire to hold it in place and make sure it grabs the wool, obviously be careful as you don't want to glue your wire to the template or get it covered in glue.

Wait for it to set for a few minuets then carry on filling the template section with the rest of the wool.

to take the fern section out pull it and the wire out of the template .. if you need to put it back in the template put the wire back through the hole first then feed in the leaf... this will all be much easier to explain on a video lol.

This one little template can create a tiny leaf with 3 points as an accent .. right up to a 40cm long full fern for arrangements.

Obviously you then stagger the leaves you have made down the main centre wire... you then have the option of covering the wire in wool as the kits come with a few extra grams in them :)

... a final musing and one I am currently trying to work out while I wait for a spare moment to film the tutorial ... the wires in my fern would rotate around the central stem .. so you might want to think about taping it or dotting some glue where they join ... of if you have an idea please do message me :)

Thank you for joining me and I hope it has been informative .. If I have missed anything then please do message and I will update this blog post ...

The Fern template and kit as started to roll out and I couldn't be more excited to see what you are going to make with it!

Do send me pictures if you like, subscribe and follow on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram

...and as always I wish you a very crafty day!

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