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Just over a year ago Peter and I began a harmless bit of fun that turned into a frenzied competition. While at a Steampunk show some time ago I thought it would be good to take a picture of the niffler with another character from a different movie / TV Show

To cut a long story short this ended up with Peter throwing down the gauntlet of who could get the best crossover / picture with the Niffler.... game on! 

As we go to more places more bonkers pictures will be added and a new champion may emerge! 

 Don't forget you can check out how I made the Niffler in my other blog post 
Time lapse video on making a baby niffler


To date the winner is : ME! with this picture 

 Needle Felted Niffler trying to steal dobby's armour and the creator Terry English waving
Niffler trying to steal Dobbie's actual armor (which was never used in the film) and it's creator the very talented Terry English (I WIN!! lol)


Captain America holding Thor's Hammer with the niffler sat on top Niffler at on the GOT Iron Throne
Niffler tries to steal Thor's Hammer from Captain America Niffer is the ultimate Master of Coin!
kylo ren holding the niffler Niffler with a Storm Trooper cover in butterflies
Niffler with Kylo Ren Niffler with Stormtrooper
Knights holding the niffler in castle gardens Niffler likes the ponies ...
Niffler likes knights shiny armour! Niffler likes the ponies
Niffler with Moana cosplayer Needle Felted Niffler with Hagrid Cosplayer
Niffler with Moana &  Niffler with Hagrid
Needle Felted Niffler at the national space centre turning a big dial Niffler riding the carousel on a horse
Niffler at the National Space Centre Niffler rides the carousel
Needle felted niffler trying to steal something shiny on the cogworts steam train Needle Felted Niffler on the Cogworts Steamtrain looking at something shiny
Niffler on the Cogworts Steamtrain Niffler at Cogworts
Needle Felted Niffler from Fantastic Beasts riding on the back of Doctor Who K9 Needle Felted Niffler riding on top a Doctor Who Dalek's head
Niffler with K9 Niffler With Dalek
Needle Felted Niffler with Dumbledore at TimeQuake 2018 Needle Felted Niffler riding Steampunk R2D2
Niffler with Dumbledore Niffler riding Steampunk R2D2
Needle Felted Niffler on Viper plane wing Needle Felted Niffler on wing of plane signed by Dirk Benedict
Niffler on Viper plane wing Niffler on Viper signed by Dirk Benedict
Needle Felted Niffler riding mad max scorpion machine with post apocalypse background Apocalypse Niffler
Niffler Goes Mad Max Apocalypse Niffler
Needle Felted Niffler being eaten by a werewolf cosplay Niffler with Vampire Cosplay
Niffler bites off more than he can chew ... again! lol
Needle Felted Niffler being held by a niffler cosplayer
Niffler being stolen by a niffler :)

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