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The Start ... taking a moment ... more than just felting

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There has been much consideration over starting a blog but decided to at least give it a go.... somewhere for musings, ideas, and projects even if no one else ever reads it :)... Don't get me wrong I love my Facebook page and my Instagram wall but it just seems in a world that is becoming more and more fast paced where you are bombarded by waves of posts from 1000s different pages, groups, friends and adverts... or trying to tweet your latest great idea and the funny story behind it in 144 characters or less, I just wanted to find a place where I could type without trying to concoct clever #hashtags and speak in real sentences... a way to connect with people who come here because they are interested and just want to "take a moment"... and so the blog was born, (also because I saw the option to have one on my website and thought I would give it a go :)

But what to blog...

Many of you will know Mum's Makery through needle felting, but I do enjoy a great many things. Although this blog will primarily contain needle felting related project and ideas, I am also going to use it as a platform to share much more...

Recently I launched the Single Rose Kit and the Snowdrops Kits... both with templates sets and accompanying tutorials. I was really overjoyed at the wonderful response there has been to them.

The templates were a bit of a gamble and I must confess I was half expecting a rush of posts comparing them to cookie cutters ... lol but the truth is while cookie cutters can be used for some things .. I have poured a lot of time and testing into the designs. Cookie dough cuts crisp so you don't need a very defined edge to achieve a shape ... the same can not be said for fiber .. I tried making holly leaves from cookie cutters .. and ended up with holly blobs ... it was these holly leaves that started it all.

I didn't have much of an idea where it was going to go, but one thing has led to another and things got rather floral :) I used to dabble in sugar flowers which has helped a great deal as construction is not too dissimilar, although felting is much easier to attach!

It has been quite the month and the Makery has gone through a complete re-branding with new logo, (which I love) .. I wanted something clean and simple and I think I pretty much nailed it! :D

There are a few new template sets in the pipeline including the much anticipated Fern (... and OMG I love this template) ... also in the pipeline are the four seasons leaf set, a feathers set (these have a LOT of potential), sunflowers ... the set for this creates a most impressive flower!

There is a lot coming and I am delighted to be trading at not only Wonderwool in April but at FiberEast later in the year ... but more about that in another blog post :)

Thank you for visiting my blog

... and I wish you all a very crafty day!

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