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Tutorials, Codes & Downloads... OH MY!

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With the launch of the Single Rose and the Snowdrops recently, each with their own, not insubstantial tutorial it started to dawn on me that moving forward with more releases and tutorials on the horizon the prospect of dealing with endless download codes was something that was going to become very time consuming. The downloads are huge files and for those who are on limited bandwidth or connection speeds it can mean massive download times.

I have been looking at options and giving it a lot of thought and I believe I have come up with a solution.

Moving forward I am going to change things up a bit, each launch that has an accompanying tutorial will have that tutorial privately available online for anyone who purchases the templates or kit. This video will remain private for the first 30 days (ish) after the launch giving those who purchase at point of launch not only a discount on the item but exclusivity on the tutorial.

After the allotted time has passed I will make the tutorial public on my YouTube channel offering everyone easy access to watch it any time they like... and it is my understanding that you can download YouTube videos for up to 30 days to watch offline.

DVD's will be available for some of the tutorials (currently only available for UK players) but the product listing will indicate if, when and where it will be available.

Also it will hopefully bring more subscribers to the channel and subsequently more content :)




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