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Basic Birdie

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The basic birdie template is exactly the same as the Robin Template from our Round Robin and Trio of Robins kit

Expanding on the template which now has 4 spring birdie masks.

Masks are a new product that will help you place the various blocks of colour in just the right place. It also means that you can duplicate exactly on the both sides of the birdie with ease. 

A PDF has been created to show you which colours go where enabling you to create these fantastic little birds over and over. 


Great for card toppers, hanging gifts, bag charms and much more....

Full Combo (everything) - save around 15%

  • Includes the Basic Birdie Template Set and all 4 of the birdie masks
  • Include 5 free birdie fluff packs (while stocks last)

Masks Combo (no Template) save 10%

  • Includes All 4 birdie masks (no birdie template) this is the option if you already have the birdie template set
  • Include 5 free birdie fluff packs (while stocks last)

Basic Birdie Template Set 

  • Just the template set (no masks)

Individual masks 

  • Just the mask for the bird type you choose (no template)
  • Includes free fluff pack (while stocks last)

As a special for the launch get a free Trio of ... fluff pack with each mask purchase (while stocks last)

.. and not only that if you purchase the full combo or mask combo you will get an additional free Trio of Blackbirds fluff pack! (while stocks last)

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