Mum's Makery Stuff Explained

Mum's Makery Stuff Explained

Hi :) 

So I thought I would pop together a little page just to explain a few things about Mum's Makery as we do many fluffy things! 


We host 3 big online events each year
The Spring Fayre - March
Christmas In June Special - June
The Autumn Fayre - September

Events are usually held on the 1st Saturday of the event month with two live online broadcasts and there is an Event Pack available (usually 4-6 weeks ahead of the date) The Event kit contains several smaller kits which you can use to join in with the two live broadcasts on the day. There is a flingo card (fluff bingo) and usually some accessories, exclusive fluff and sweets! You don't need to purchases the event pack to join in all the activities as there are many things you can participate in which don't require the pack. 

Fayres are where we also reveal our new projects for the season :) 



We host 2 parties each year

Mum's Makery Birthday Bash - January

Halloween Party - September / October 

Parties are different to events .. they are smaller and a party bag is available. This is a single kit and contains all the materials for joining in the live make. There is also a raffle ticket and of course some sweets! Our parties are one broadcast filled will fun, frolics and of course fluff! 



Once a Month

Crafternoons are completely informal and held once a month. Usually the 3 weekend of the month unless there is an event in the same month. Then it moves to the 4th weekend. 

There may or may not be a kit of materials available for those who want it, but Crafternoons are usually freehand type makes, tips, tricks or techniques that don't need any templates so you can join in with your own materials. 



Live launches are random and no specific dates as such and happen once or twice a year. They are a launch of a particular project which we want to bring you live on air so we can make a fuss of it lol. 



We are sometimes asked to attend other online events and shows.

These and all our event, crafternoons, parties and more can be found on the websites Calendar. Click the Broadcasts and Events Link from the Main Menu.