Seasonal Project From the Makery – Mum's Makery

Seasonal Project From the Makery

While I would like to have a full stock of everything all the time, this isn't always practical so like the seasons we are rotating our stuff in the shop. 

The following items will only be available at certain times of the year


Launches at our Spring Fayre Event until May 31st

Spring Seasonal Projects apply after 1st September 2021

Cherry Blossom | Crocus | Daff | Spring Birdie Masks | Tulips


Launches at our Christmas In June Special until the 30th June

Relaunches on 1st November until December 31st

Christmas Rose | Festive Centre Piece | Pixie Shimmers Christmas Edition | Santa Boots | Dougie Decor | Snowflake | Poinsettia Pixie | Round Of Robins | Douglas Fern White & Winter Ombre Editions | Merry Mistletoe | Poinsettia | Glacier Ombre & Ombre Shimmer