Mum's Makery Sponsored Makes

Mum's Makery Sponsored Makes

Hi guys, 

As you all know I am first and foremost a crafter and always looking for little ways to give back to the community which has brought me so much joy over the years

Back at the end of 201 I was having a message conversation with a certain very talented lady... and as she was telling me about the things she was planning and making I had an idea ... it was one of those moments where the plants align and you think .. Damn that is a good idea !!! .. even if I do say so myself (pats self on back) ... 

I asked this lovely lady if she might be interested in helping me try out my idea and was over the moon when she said yes ... 

So I am delighted to announce the 

Mum's Makery Sponsored Makes

This is going to be a quarterly thing and each season I will sponsor a make ... Why? .. well why not :) .. there is no application process this is completely random (as are the makes .. haha) .. and the Makery Pixies will be keeping an eye out for possible victims.. (ahem) .. I mean artists :) 

So without further ado .. I would like to present the Mum's Makery Sponsored Makes. 

Burt & Dolly 



by Naomi Coffin

April 2020


Foes of the fleece turned with a peek! 

by Jaimee Miceli

Jan 2020