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Douglas Fern Project - Green (please read description)

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This is a great (albeit long) project lol and I recommend doing it as one of those "a bit each week" type of things :)

The finished Project stands at around 35cm tall :)

The Kits are made to order and can take up to a week to print. This may put a slight delay on your order being dispatched.

Made using The Fern template the Douglas Fern is fantastic as a Christmas / Festive decoration or as part of a woodland scene. 

Specifically designed so that once completed it can be flat packed(ish), stored away in a box with minimal effort and bought out when desired. 

Douglas Fern - Complete Combo Deal

the combo deal contains everything you need to create the whole project. The Hardware Set / Fern Template / 70g Evergreen Fibre (55g needed if using weights & measures)

Hardware Set Only

This contains all the branch holders, spacers and accessories, the centre dowel, log base, the 20swg wires recommended for use with the holders and a single armature assistance jig specifically to achieve the right bend in the wires. 

Fern Template

This is available separately on it's own listing HERE 

Hardware set & Fibre

This option you will receive the Black hardware set (see above) and 70g of our evergreen fibres

The fibre we used for this project was around 52g of our Evergreen

Please note log slice may vary in appearance

The Fern fibre weights for each of the sections can be found on the weights & measures page under Projects and Info menu link 

There are two videos for this project

One to create the fern and the other which is the assembly specific to this project.

 **PLEASE READ** ... when making the ferns it is a LOT quicker to make the fern without the wire .. then put the wire on the top of the completed fern using the wiring hole.. dot some glue .. leave it to dry completely ... Then cover the wire with a bit of wool. When you put the bend in the wire for assembly make sure the wire is on the Underside. I have found this makes fern creation go quite a bit quicker :) 



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