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1000 Subscribers Giveaway - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

OK folks.. my magical assistant (aka Google) has picked the winners...

Before I jump straight in to that I just want to quickly say a huge and heartwarming thank you to everyone who took part / liked / shared / reviewed and recommended ... your comments have brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion.... I wanted to comment on all the posts as they happened but felt it was best to keep it simple and not confuse myself (lets face it .. that isn't hard to do lol) ... so truly thank you .. you all inspire me to come up with even more wacky things for you guy to try hehe :) 

Finally ... I recently discovered that I had Top Fans on Facebook so I have added in another giveaway for you guys! .. thank you! 

Winners please drop me an email with your choice of prize and your address etc :) 

So without further ado here we go !!! (you can click the thumbnails to view larger pic)

1st Draw ... YouTube

And the winner is .... unlucky for some but not for

#13 Jan Wooldridge!!!

2nd Draw ... Website 

And the winner is .... 

#47 Beverley Lougher

and her lovely review of the Sunflower ... thank you Beverley! 


3rd Draw ... Instagram

And the winner is .... (I have no idea who this is LOL... sorry!)



4th Draw  ... FaceBook

And the winner is .... 

#36 Gemma Beniston

and her lovely recommendation featuring the SnowDrops :) 



5th Draw  ... Newsletter

And the winner is .... 


#63 Deborah Phipps


6th Draw  ... Top Fans

So I did have to redraw this one as the first winner was my Mum! haha .. sorry Mum.. no prize for you :P 

And the winner is .... 

#10 Lynn Keedle

MEGA CONGRATS! to all the winners and thank you all for taking part. 

Winners please get in contact with me in the next 7 days to discuss your prize etc. 

Please be aware that I will be unavailable most of Monday 2nd December but will reply as soon as I cant. 

I look forward to hearing from you!





The Big 1000!

My YouTube Channel reached 1000 subscribers on the 24th October (YAY!)

If you haven't already do subscribe to the channel :) 

So how do you enter the giveaway ..

Well it isn't just one giveaway ..  it's 5!!!

Each social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & the Website) gives you an opportunity to win, so enter them all .. or just the one .. each giveaway is completely independent of the others :) but you can only win on one platform

The various giveaways will be rolling out over each social media, doing a multi platform giveaway is huge for lil' old me but I will do my best to keep up with it all haha... 

The draw will be held on the 1st December 

This page will have full info for all the opportunities to win.

Winners will be announced here on the 1st.  So make sure you calendar the day to check the page :)  

But to get things rolling ...

The Prize  Your choice of *ANY* product from the shop (and yes you can have a full combo deal as your choice :)


To Enter on YouTube

Be subscribed to the channel (obviously lol) comment  under the 1000 Subscriber Video (feel free to share the video .. not essential .. but helpful :) Video is live now over on YouTube

To Enter on The Website 

Sign in to your account (you can also make one) and leave a review / comment on one (or more of the products) All the reviews will be put into a hat (aka Google) and one drawn at random .. You can only leave one review on a product but  you can review / comment on more than one product :) each review counts as one entry.

To Enter on Instagram

A giveaway post will be going up on Instagram simply follow Mum's Makery on Instagram ... share the post (click the 3 dots and hit share from the popup menu) share on any (or all of your social medias) then comment under the post that you have shared.. my lovely assistant google will then randomly pick a winner. 

To Enter on Facebook

Probably the most complicated entry (isn't Facebook always lol) 

There will be a post going up on the Mum's Makery Facebook Page

To enter the draw here .. visit the page .. Mum's Makery

click "Reviews" on the left hand side menu.
Recommend Mum's Makery and leave a short comment / review / recommendation message (if you have reviewed / recommended previously this counts! :)
While you are there please also "like" the page if haven't already (every little helps :)
Then comment under this giveaway post (the one that is on the Mum's Makery Facebook Page.. not a share of the post :)

Each comment below the post will be numbered and my lovely assistant Google will draw a random number for the winner, and as long as there is a review / recommendation from you on the facebook page .. tadah! :) 


Finally ... are you subscribed to the newsletter? :) ... that is all I am saying about that hehe :) 

Check back to the website page after the 1st December 

Winners have 7 days to contact and claim their prize so I can get it out in a timely fashion for Christmas :)