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Where is my tutorial?

Please be aware that we are moving our private tutorials to a new hosted service. Once moved the tutorial info will be in the downloadable PDF which accompanies that project.

Public tutorials will remain on YouTube. When these tutorials are moved the current links will become inactive If you have not received your updated instructions automatically then please shoot me an email and I will sort it out.

You can see a list of which tutorials have moved and which are in progress here on the website as well as a full list of all public tutorials. https://www.mumsmakery.co.uk/pages/tutorial-list

While most of our tutorials and extras can be found freely on our YouTube Channel


Private tutorials which have yet to be moved to the hosted system as listing on the tutorial list page will be sent to you via a link in your Order Confirmation email. This will be the first email received from us after placing your order (not the shipping confirmation). 

If your project also comes with a digital download this will also explain where to find your tutorial. The link is not in the digital download

Links will appear like this in your order confirmation email

If you are unable to locate your tutorial please contact us with your order number and we will resend it to you.