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Fluff Club Info Page

Welcome friend,

Fluff club is the new idea from the fibre filled brains here at Mum's Makery! This page will tell you in brief about how Fluff Club works (we hope) lol.

First you will need to have an active account and log in on the Mum's Makery Website.

Please be aware that signing up for a membership will automatically add you to the Members Newsletter. This newsletter is sent to all active members each month. 



We decided to start off simple to get it all going so there will be one membership which is £7.50 (usually 9.99 for this is discounted for the first 6 months). This is available as Automatically Renewing and Manual Renewal.
Fibre Boxes are limited in number and when they are gone they are gone. These can be found and purchased from within the Members Exclusive Store. Please be aware that the boxes are not part of the membership. The membership gets access to all the content and member exclusives. Boxes are an additional purchase if you want them. 
A new club box will be released each quarter. Jan | Apr | Jul | Oct and will be released on the 1st day of the new quarter.
The box is not a project it is a collection of fluffs, fibres, accessories and more based around a theme... and yes there is a custom template in the box too! 


  • Exclusive Free PDF Project Download (new one every month)
  • Access to watch all the Mum's Makery private tutorials in the members area which are over 30 days old.
    • This does not include downloads or project patterns just the facility to watch the whole tutorial.
  • Access to a Members Only Blog which has great articles, info and more (2-4 blog posts per month)
  • Members Only Discounts codes with other shops and suppliers (randomly available)
  • Members Only Shop 
    • This will feature some exclusive products.
  • Members do not have to pay any surcharge for requesting white filament templates.
  • Members can request out of season projects.
    • Subject to availability on Limited Edition items.
    • Normal seasonal items will be created to order which may cause a delay of up to 1 week on your order.
  • Discount on one Mum's Makery Product (random - changes monthly).
  • New Exclusive Template in the shop (changes each quarter).
  • Random Fluff colours not stocked in the main shop (as and when).
  • Other fibres and accessories not stocked in the main shop.
  • Time Lapse Video of what we make with the box content (not a tutorial).
  • Inspiration Gallery based on the contents of the Fluff Club Boxes.
  • Inspiration Gallery Giveaway - Fluff Prize.
  • Monthly Membership Giveaway - Fluff Prize.
  • Quarterly Membership Giveaway - Large prize.
  • Members Zoom meet / Chat room (We are working on this)
  • Video content pre-released in the members area before made public.
  • Other member only content we haven't thought of yet lol.

There will be more added to the Members Area over time and we have lots of plans including Member Live Zoom's and broadcasts. 

Members also have a dedicated email for fluff club.