2022 Birthday Party Games Schedule – Mum's Makery

2022 Birthday Party Games Schedule

Hi Fluff Peeps! 

**UPDATE** all the winners will be listed in on this post in our Facebook Group


January is Mum's Makery Birthday and as always we are celebrating ALL MONTH LONG! 

All of the games and giveaways will be held in our Facebook Group, Please read and answer the questions when applying to the group as this gets you in quicker. 


Here are a list of the games we will be hosting. However you never know what might pop up in group as a pop up quick fire game! 

Each post will have an explanation of how to play. Some require you to register with our giveaway app HERE but you only need to register once for all the games.

If you win please email the game you won, with the date (and time if it has more than one round) along with your address to makerypixies@gmail.com

 2nd Jan

All Day


Requires Registration

8th Jan

3 rounds (UK Times)

12noon | 4pm | 8pm

Pass the Pixie

11th Jan


Fluffy Bottom Game

15th-16th Jan

All Day

The Glitter Game

Requires Registration

20th Jan

All Day

Dance Off

Requires Registration

23rd - 24th Jan

All Day

What Would Your Makery Pixie Name Be?

Requires Registration

27th - 28th Jan

All Day

Pixie Cocktails

Requires Registration

31st Jan

All Day

Cheers Gif

Requires Registration

If you have any questions just shoot us a message :)