Autumn Fayre Online Event - 12th September 2020 – Mum's Makery

Autumn Fayre Online Event - 12th September 2020

Hi guys :)

Welcome to the page all about our Autumn Fayre Online Event.

6 hours of fluff, fun and frolics is on the menu and if the technology is kind to us then you will be able to watch from :



Any new products launched on the day will be live AFTER the 2nd broadcast 
In the week running up to the event the Makery Pixies will post in the Facebook group so you will need to join to participate the giveaways are open to everyone and purchase of the event box is NOT required. 
Each Pixie has their own giveaway (4 in total) please ensure you read the rules for each...Links will be lives here once the giveaway's are posted...
The Prize will be a special Pixie box of goodies.
There will be a Boss Bonus Giveaway during the event on the day
There will be 2 live broadcasts ….

BROADCAST #1 @ 11:30am (GMT)

While materials for this are in the event box you do not need the event box to participate with this make as it has been put together so you can make it using your own supplies .. you will need these materials
  • Your Needle Felting Surface & Needles 
  • Fibers
    • A light grey Fluff (we will be using our Arctic Grey)
  • Brown Florist Tape
  • 24swg florist wires (around 5)
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • A pocket scale (optional)


BROADCAST #2 - 3:30pm (GMT)

The kit for this mystery make will be in the event box and will contain a brand new not seen before template ….  (but we aren’t saying what it is



The event box is available on the website and contains
  • 2 kits for making along with the live broadcasts
  • A FLINGO card (fluff bingo)
  • A raffle ticket 
  • … and a few of other things :D 
We do ask politely that those who purchase the event boxes do not post pictures of the contents online as we have many friends who like to wait until the day to open their box. 
The raffle ticket which will be drawn in the last live show. Winning numbers will be posted on the event page on the website and on the facebook page / group.
Here is the event box link



 FLUFF CHAT (Facebook group only)

There will be a post in group called ADD ME TO FLUFF CHAT .. if you want to join the Mum’s Makery fluff chat (Facebook messenger) then post under this thread .. random requests in group to be added to fluff chat can get missed however the pixies will be keeping an eye on the thread for any new requests.
The broadcast has its own chat when it is live but fluff chat is open all the time :)  


SCHEDULE (times are in GMT / UK Time)

Running the week leading up to the event … 

The pixies will be posting their giveaway threads in group


11:30am - Live Broadcast ...
  • A game of FlingGo (Fluff Bingo) will also be held during the broadcast (Flingo cards are in the event box)
  • First LIVE Broadcast (technology willing) Make it Kit #1 for this can be found in the event box or you can use your own :)
  • Chat with us live during the Broadcast! Ask your questions and Pixie Belinda will be on had to answer and let me know what you guys think :
 12:30 - 1pm - (
  • Broadcast concludes but the party carries on in the Facebook Group
  • Don't forget to hop on into the Mum's Makery FLUFF CHAT.. There is a post in the group which will be pinned to the top so you can find it .. post a please add me to fluff chat comment under that thread and one of the pixies will add you to the messenger chat group as soon as they can 
  • Group etiquette and guidelines also apply in fluff chat read the post for full info
  • Second Live Broadcast for the Mystery Make Kit  (supplies for this can be found in the event box along with a not yet seen new template (template will be available to purchase about a week after the event separately)
  • The raffle ticket number will also be drawn during this broadcast.
  • Draw for the Pixie Giveaways
4:30 - 5pm (ish)
Event concludes

You can watch any part of the broadcasts again on the YouTube channel and there is a full list of all our broadcasts and events HERE

We are very much looking forward to this and the complete mayhem it will probably be! so please be patient with us as it is taking a lot of organising

Also please be aware that some changed or additional stuff may also be included between now and the actual event and will be reflected in the event information here on the website and in group

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.