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Batty Bat Jewellery

Honestly .. I was hoping to film a little "Make it With" tutorial for this but alas time is against me so I am popping this project up with written instruction (sorry no pics), but it should be easy enough to understand and I will hopefully get around to filming something for next years spooky season!

So to make the Batty Bats you will need 

There are lots of variations on this .. you could possibly use the rose petal template and the large holly leaf to make a REALLY BIG BAT for your hair but I haven't tried it so here is how to make the set you see in the pic :) 

Make two small holly leaves using black wool the small leaf uses around 0.3g but add a little more if you like and felt it extra firm :) 

The rose leaf template (that's the little one) uses around 0.2g of fibre but I would use maybe double that so to make the body a more dome shape to ad some dimension to it.

You can iron the wings but I don't recommend ironing the body unless you want it flat (a spooky card decoration perhaps? :) 

Attach the wings to the body by either stabbing them in place or you can glue them if you prefer. 

Add your eyes (depending on your choice of eye) stab or glue them in place. 

Add the jewellery findings to finish off and there you have it some batty bat jewellery, maybe glue one on to a bangle or add some florist wires to a bunch of them and attach to a headband so you have a flock of bats overhead. 

There really are so many fun ways to use this project and I think it would be fun for younger crafters too! 

I would love to see some of your Batty makes so feel free to send or share your pictures! .. don't forget to tag #mumsmakery or @mumsmakery so I will get a notification and can find your pics. 

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Thank you for popping over to read the Batty Bat Project and I hope you have a very crafty day.