Crafternoon - January 23rd 2021 – Mum's Makery

Crafternoon - January 23rd 2021

Join us for a very special Crafternoon as we also celebrate the Makery's 2nd Birthday!

The theme for the January Crafternoon is Roses and what better way to celebrate our birthday than with the very first template and kit we ever did. 

However, we will be changing things up a bit and showing you how to create a much bigger rose using the Single Rose Template Set in addition to tip and techniques for curling and furling the edges to give a truly stunning effect. 

Of course this also fits in very nicely with Valentines day being the following month so you have plenty of time to craft some roses for a special someone. 

But remember you don't have to be making along with us as everyone is welcome to hang out and join in the live chat.

Also as it is our Birthday month we will also be giving watchers a little surprise, so make sure you tune in and join us for our first Crafternoon!

Watch from our Facebook Page or direct on our YouTube Channel (don't forget to subscribe!) :) 



If you want to make along with us then you will need

  1. Single Rose Template Set 
  2. Fluff in whatever colour you want your roses
  3. Fluff in whatever leaf colour you want (we use Evergreen) 
  4. 20swg green florist wire
  5. Green florist tape (moss)
  6. Your felting surface & needles


As the Crafternoon is going to be focussing on making a much larger rose with curls we are unlikely to have the time to make all the parts during the broadcast.

However if like us you want to go ahead a prep the parts in advance then we anticipate that we will be using

  • 10-13 rose petals (unwired)
  • 1 rose calyx (in evergreen)
  • 2-3 rose leaves as shows in the single rose video (we will also be showing the small and medium beech leaves as alternatives to the rose leaf style)

This page will be updated with any further information as it arises.

We look forward to seeing you at our very first Mum's Makery Crafternoon.