Crafternoon - 25th September 2021 – Mum's Makery

Crafternoon - 25th September 2021

25th September 2021 - 3pm (UK Time)

We hope you will join us for our wonderful HedgeHug Crafternoon.  I have been looking forward to this Crafternoon for a while (despite the glue involved lol).

There is no kit to buy for this .. it's just a fun hangout to focus We will touch a little on making a HedgeHug body shape but the focus will be on the technique of making your own HedgeHug Spikes!  

As the main focus of the live broadcast will be how to make the HedgeHug Spines we are putting up a little PDF of how to make the body of the HedgeHug. This is something you can make in advance if you wish. 


Crafternoons are informal and social live broadcasts for a bit of fun and inspiration. You don't have to make along with us or even be making the same thing as us.. Just come along, chat and join in. 

A full list of dates can be found here on our CALENDAR or from the Broadcasts & Events Menu on this site 

To make a Hedge Hug you will need...

You Will Need: 

  • a small hedgehug body (PDF DOWNLOAD) - You can pre make this
    • Top Tip .. Keep the body small as it will take less spines lol
  • Spikes Blend - equal parts of Dark Brown | Warm Brown | Mouse
  • Other colours - Black | White 
  • PVA glue (a clear drying one is best)
  • Water
  • 4mm Black Eyes (optional)
  • Felting needle and surface.

These make great keyrings. to send someone a HedgeHug

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Crafternoon!