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Gatsby Glitz Feather Flapper Dress Instructions

Good morning crafty peeps! 

Getting an early jump on today as there is lots to do after Wonderwool 2019 (which was amazing! but more about that in another post maybe as this post is all about the glitz!

At the 2019 Wonderwool show I launched a couple of new projects which I have been working on for sometime. I wanted to really push project potential and do something a little different. As a result The BlueBelle and the Gatsby Glitz Feather Flapper Dress came to be. The flapper dress was only going to be a display piece but I decided to turn it into it's own kit for anyone to make. The mannequin was already finished when I decided to do this so there is no video but I have created a text set of instructions on how I put this all together. So here we go :D 

The Gatsby Glitz Feather Flapper Dress Project

(There is a special discount for purchasing the whole combo)

To create this project you will need 

The Makery Mannequin  


This contains everything you need to

make a blank mannequin and also

includes the paper pattern so you can make more mannequins for other projects! :) 

Kit (contains) :
● 35g Wool Fibre (stuffing)
● Card Base (pre cut)
● 9mm Wooden Dowel
● Log Base (pre drilled)
● Decorative Brass Top
● Mannequin Shape (pre stitched)
● Paper Pattern

The Pointy Feather Template Set 

The Set of 3 Templates 

Small ~ 70mm

Medium ~ 100mm

Large ~ 130mm


The Flapper Dress Materials Kit 

Mum’s Makery Feather Dress Materials Kit (containing) :
● 30g - Wool Fibre (approx)
● 35- 22swg Florist Wires
● 34 - 4mm Pear Head Pins
● 1m - White Florist Tape
● 25 - Marabou Feathers
● 1.5cm ~ band of commercial felt


In addition you will need:

  • Glue (we recommend superglue gel)
  • Craft Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Ball head pins (general purpose)
  • Hot Glue 

If you purchase the combo or kit you will also get the instructions as a downloadable PDF :) 

so without further ado .. here is how I made the Gatsby Glitz Feather Flapper Dress.

To build the Mannequin there is a video on my YouTube Channel which shows you step by step


Please be aware that I shortened the supporting dowel for this project to around 260mm (26cm)

Make the following components :

  • 7 Small Pointy Feathers
  • 22 Medium Pointy Feathers
  • 4 Large Pointy Feathers

Blend 1g (75% Off White with 25% Ash Brown) and felt this over the felt band

How to make the pointy feathers can also be found on the YouTube Channel. Do consider subscribing :)

Once the Pointy Feathers are made and ironed arrangement can begin.

Top Tip
“If you have a rotating cake stand or lazy susan this helps turning your project while assembling”

Arrangement of the dress is really personal preference but I will do my best to explain how I did the one in the picture.

You can cut the feather wires at the base of the feathers so there is nothing sticking out.


A Dry Run

You may want to pin all the feathers on in a dry run before pinning and glueing and this is advised to ensure you understand the instructions and like the arrangement.
Place and pin (using general purpose ball head pins) all the feathers to your mannequin in rows following the directions below.
Take a few reference shots before removing all but the first 4 large feathers placed

Fixing the Feathers in place :

To do this you pin the feather with a general purpose ball head pin.
Once happy pull the pin out slightly with the feather so there is a gap between the feather and the mannequin.
Place superglue on the mannequin near the pin and push the pin and feather back into place.
Leave in place to set for 5 mins (glue all the feathers in one row but leave that row to set before adding another)
You pin may get stuck in the super glue but this can be removed carefully by holding the feather down and putting the head with pliers gently and using a slight twist back and forth motion.



Start with 4 Large Feathers

I put 1 centre Front (make sure it is in the middle) deciding where you want the bottom of your dress to be.

Pin in place with a general ball head pin



1 large feather centre back

I put this low down so the back of the dress had a slight train.

2 large feathers either side of that a little further up with the feather points pointing to the centre of the back feather underneath




 1st ROW ~ 6 Medium Feathers

Remove the general ball head pins from the large feathers
2 front centre spaced either side of the large centre feather but behind it
Points facing the front centre
Work around the bottom on each side front to back with the points of the feathers facing towards the front centre feather. 3 medium feathers on each side ending at the large feathers at the back.
Pin all in place refine placement and then glue in place
Next glue a suitable marabou feather in the gaps in a way that looks nice to you, you can strip the feather back and snip the base to make them shorter if needed.

Glue the quills of the feathers and leave in place to set before adding the next row.

Top Tip
“Use a thin wooden coffee stirring stick to hold the marabou feathers while the glue sets”
2nd ROW ~ 4 Medium Feathers

Remove the general ball head pins from the first row.

2 feathers spaced on the sides over the gaps in the first row

The points of these face towards the back

Place - Pin - Happy - Glue in place - leave to set for a few mins - add marabou feathers -  wait

3rd ROW ~ 8 Medium Feathers

Remove the general ball head pins from the last row.

2 feathers spaced either side of the centre front large feather and overlapping the points which face towards the centre of the front large feather.

2 feathers spaced centre back so they crisscross over the centre large back feather

4 feathers (2 on either side) around the mannequin all points facing towards the front

Place - Pin - Happy - Glue in place - leave to set for a few mins - add marabou feathers -  wait

4th ROW ~ 7 small feathers

Remove the general ball head pins from the last row.

1 feather centre back

2 feathers spaced evenly centre front overlapping the front main large feather and the 2 medium feathers of the last row.

Both Points facing towards the front centre

4 feathers (2 either side) spaced between front and back feathers with points facing towards the front.

Place - Pin - Happy - Glue in place - leave to set for a few mins - add marabou feathers -  wait 





Felt a light blend of the lightest and main feather colour over the 1.5cm waistband piece of commercial felt. Then iron so it is lovely and thin.

Remove pins from previous row

Fold the waistband in half and put a pin using a PEARL HEAD PIN in the centre.

Pin this to the centre front point of the mannequin at the waist level ensure that the band overlaps the top of the skirt feathers so there are no horrible gaps.

Pull one side of the waistband tight around to the back so it pulls the waist in slightly & pin in place at the back again using a pearl head pin

Do the same on the other side and where they meet at the back unpin crisscross over and re-pin using pearl head pins.

I have mine crossed over and overlapping the back of the skirt slightly like ribbon.

These pins stay in and look like buttons.

Add two more pearl head pins on front to mimic pearl accent on waist.


BODICE ~ 4 Medium Feathers

Front : 2 medium feathers

Base (light end) toward the waistband and dark tip to the shoulder

Cross over the feathers and pin in place with general ball head pins

Glue sides on waistband (but not shoulders)


Back : 2 medium feathers

Base (light end) toward the waistband at the centre back (not the sides)

and dark tips to the shoulder meeting up with the tips from the front bodice feathers.

Pin with pearl head pins at the back centre lining up with pins on waistband to match for symmetry.

Glue and leave pearl pins in place


 Shoulders : 

Tips of the front feathers overlap the back, glue back feathers to mannequin and front tips over that and hold in place with a pearl head pin (this gets left in place)

Add 2 more pearl head pins over the crest of the shoulder to mimic pearl accents on dress.



Create a pearl necklace using pearl head pins

I hope you have enjoyed this project guide.

Please feel free to send pictures of your finished projects!! :)

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