Hug in a Mug Project – Mum's Makery

Hug in a Mug Project

A great and inexpensive gift for someone you want to send a lovely chocolatey hug, complete with felted coaster.

Total cost of project - Under £4 

Does not include cost of coaster template (Tutorial on YouTube)


Materials Used

Mug - Poundland - £1
3 Chocolate Balls - Poundland - 0.50p
7g Fluff for Coaster Template -
£1.50 based on cost of 10g of Mum’s Makery Fluff
Hot Choc Cones - 0.54p each (you will need two)
In the cones...
1 x Cone shaped wrappers with pull bows - Amazon - 0.06p Each
(Link to Cone Wrappers Click Here)
30 - 35g Hot Chocolate powder we used Cadburys - Asda - 0.30p 
10g - Grated Dark Chocolate - Asda own brand - 0.05p 
15g - Mini Marshmallows - Asda - 0.09p