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Packaging & Presentation

I always like to have a few packets of things to hand for those last moment wraps. a couple of basic staples go a long way to making some epic looking gifts with little cost. 

Here is a list of materials that I use regularly all of which can be purchased on amazon and add instant pizzazz to your makes and gifts. Amazon links are through my associate account. 

These items were featured in our 2021 show. 

HINGED KEY RINGS Great all year round for gifts. Add little felted item and use them as wine glass or bag charms. Clip to a tag pop in a little organza or cellophane bag and you have an instant gift! 

GOLD & SILVER CORD Good for just about everything all year round. We use loads of this at the Makery.

CHRISTMAS TAG SELECTION This is a fantastic bundle of tags and twine. 


SHREDDED PAPER I always have a couple of bags about it is eco friendly and looks great in baskets or bags for presentation. 



These bags make amazing gift wrapping. Here is the best selection I have found. They come with pull bows!


16 x 25 cm 9 x 20 inches 30 x 40 inches



Fantastic all year round for creating candy / choc cones for quick gifts, party favours and more.

PULL BOWS A great addition to your stash for adding that finishing flourish to gifts and makes