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Winter Holly Hat

Holly Hat

A super quick way to add a handmade flourish to a garment.

Great for hats, scarves, mittens and more

Add mistletoe instead of holly and be ready for those Christmas Kisses! 

Holly Leaf Template Set

We will use the Medium and Small Templates for this project


I used Evergreen for the leaves and Cranberry for the berries

  • Medium Leaf - 0.6-0.8g
  • Small Leaf 0.4-0.5g
  • Pinch of cranberry for the berries

Woolly Hat

I picked up my hat at Poundland for £2.50

Here is a link to one on Amazon which is VERY good on price but slower delivery just 60 - 80p ! 


Method : 

I made the holly leaves separately (you could felt directly on to the hat for a more 2d finish) as I wanted the leaves to stand out. I make sure I was happy with the fill in the leaves so they would pillow on the hat rather than being flat. 

Next I pinned my medium leaf in place then put the my flat mat inside of the hat. 

Then holding the leaf in place I removed the pin and put the template back over the leaf Felting all the way around the edges and driving through to the mat to ensure the leaf attached to the hat.

Next I placed the small leaf slightly overlapping to make a nice detail and felted that in place as well 

For the berries I added a pinch of cranberry, rolled it up into a ball felted it firm then felted it to the hat.