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Florist Wire 12" (25 pack)

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I use florist wires all the time for so many different projects. 

these 12 inch wires are a great size to have on hand for wiring flowers, feet, even creature armatures. they are exceptionally versatile. 

Sizes are SWG (Standard Wire Gauge) 

Available in Green

Prices are for Pack of 25 wires (except combo)

Combo pack includes the following in your choice of colour

  • 5x 18swg
  • 10x 20swg
  • 10x 22swg
  • 10x 24swg
Combo's do NOT include 26 or 28 swg these are only available as single packs

     Mum's Makery now also stocks the paper florist tape used in all our videos.

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