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Make it With Projects - By Project

I like to go back and find new ways to use the templates so you can create more from them. This page will grow over time as I bring out new ideas

This page will contain a list of all the "additional projects" you can make from our templates sorted by project. for a list of project sorted by template set please click HERE

Have an idea .. feel free to send me a message :) 

Project Name  Templates Used in Project

Batty Bat Jewellery

Holly Templates

Rose Templates

Calla Lily Brooch
Beech Leaves

Large Daisies

SnowDrop Templates

Oriental / Fantasy Flower

Sunflower Templates
Petite Poinsettia

Daff Templates

Rose Templates

Rudie the Reindeer

Dainty Daisy Template

Poppy Template

Skulls Template

Succulent Plant 1
Ivy Templates
Succulent Plant 2
Snowdrop Leaf Template
Succulent Plant 3
Rose Templates
Very Strawberry

Beech Leaves

Ivy Leaves

Water Lily & Flower Head

Rose Templates